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AMMA Flood Relief Project – Dengkil

AMMA visited two schools in Dengkil on the 17th of January 2022, between 11am-2pm.

Those present were:
Datuk Rajan Menon – President
Dr Manohur Kurup – Deputy President
Datin Sri Shaila V – Vice President
Mr Sasikumar Poduval – General Secretary
Dato Rajiv Nair – Youth Chairman
Mr Suman – CWC Member
Mr Jeyakumar – Mamangam President

1. SJKT Taman Permata ( 11am-12.30pm)

AMMA supplied a total 50 set of house – hold items today in the following order:

i) 20 flood-affected families whose children are studying at Dengkil Permata School.

ii) 30 sets were distributed to the affected families in Dengkil identified by Mr. Kannan Rajamanickam from Apsara Asia who hails from Dengkil itself.

Each set of house-hold items contained the following:

1 X ‘Khind’ D/Burner Gas stove GC 1710
1 X ‘Khind’ Jar rice cooker 1.8L RCJ 188
1 X ‘Khind’ Jug Kettle 1.7L EK5813A
1 X ‘CENT’ Water Pail 4G 500 4 C
1 X ‘CENT’ Dipper 31 cm 8408 -36
2 X ‘EMTEX’ Fabric Single Blanket.

ii) AMMA met the Head Master Mr. Ravi Subramaniam of SJKT Taman Permata who briefed them on the losses their school and families of children studying there suffered from the floods. AMMA donated a sum of RM10,000 to SJKT Taman Permata to assist for the repairs and restoration at the school. (the school identified the areas for which they needed assistance)

2. LPS SJKT Dengkil ( 1pm -2pm)

AMMA met Madam Pushpa, the Head Mistress of LPS SJKT Dengkil, who took them for a tour of the school. The school, it’s furniture and equipment are all badly damaged by the flood, which included 9 of their Plasma Smart TVs, each costing about RM 19,000.00. AMMA donated RM10,000.00. to the school to purchase important equipment.


Photos at SJKT Taman Permata:


Photos at LPS SJKT Dengkil:

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