About the Samajam

Location : Negeri Sembilan

Association Name

Negeri Sembilan Kerala Samajam (NSKS)

Year of Inception


Registration Number



Wisma NSKS, 232 Jalan Rasah, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan


R. Baskran Nair

Deputy President

Vinoth Baskaran

Vice President

Sarojam Menon

Hon. Gen. Secretary

Haridasan Menon

Hon. Gen. Treasurer

Cobee Mathavan

The history of Negeri Sembilan Kerala Samajam goes way back to the years of the early 1950’s, when groups of migrant and local Malayalees, occasionally met in small towns near their place of employment.

During these short acquaintances, they shared their news and information on events taking place in their villages in Kerala.

Over time, these small groups of Malayalees got together to celebrate the auspicious festivals of Vishu and Onam. Word began to spread within the community about these informal gatherings and soon there was rousing interest from Malayalees of all faiths from the plantations, government sector and business community, to participate in these annual gatherings. Consequently, the idea of establishing a Samajam was mooted to bring together all the Malayalees in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

Executive Committee

R. Baskran Nair


Vinoth Baskaran

Deputy President

Sarojam Menon

Vice President

Haridasan Menon

Hon.Gen. Secretary

Suthakar Palani

Asst. Gen. Secretary

Cobee Mathavan

Hon. Gen. Treasurer

Sumathi Mathavan

Ladies Chairperson

Vilashini Raman

Youth Chairperson

Suthakar Prabakaran

Membership & Fundraising

Rajan Sekaran Gopal

Community Service & Cultural

Wanitha Govindan

Housekeeping & Malayalam Lessons

Vikneswari Nair Suseelan

Education & Project Accounts

Mahendran Mathavan

District Liaison & PA System

A glance at history.

On 24th July 1953, Mr. Raghavan Pillai, popularly known as the “Malaysia Ramakrishna Pillai” initiated the formation of an association for the Malayalees in Negeri Sembilan. On 16th June 1954, a proposal was put forward to form a pro-tem committee tasked with drawing up the framework, with guidelines, for the establishment of a Samajam to maintain and promote the arts, culture, language and traditions of Kerala amongst the Malayalees in Negeri Sembilan.

On 4th September 1954, at a gathering held at No: 80, Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal, Seremban to discuss the formation of the Negeri Sembilan Kerala Samajam, a pro-tem committee was formed. The aim of the Samajam was to bring together all Malayalees in the state under an official and registered body headed by able leaders, to strengthen the bonding amongst the Malayalees during the challenging periods (1950 to 1957). The formation of the Samajam was communicated by word of mouth in the work place and there was overwhelming interest to join the Negeri Sembilan Kerala Samajam. Significantly, Malayalee planters played a crucial role in encouraging the workers to join the Samajam and provided free transport for them to attend important gatherings.

 Mr. P. Divakaran, in his welcoming speech, briefed the gathering on the intention of setting up a society to cater for the Malayalees in the state and the roles it was envisaged to play. Mr. N.J. Nair, Mr. P.V. Aboo Bakar, Mr. Kathukotta Narayana Pillai, Mr. Kader, Mr. Ninan and Mr. P.V. Pillai of Selangor Kerala Samajam, in their respective speeches, indicated their support and advised of the advantages accruing from the formation of an association for Malayalees in the state.

In this gathering, two resolutions were proposed and both were unanimously approved by all present, namely:-

1) the establishment of the association to be known as “NEGERI SEMBILAN KERALA SAMAJAM, proposed by Mr. K. Panicker and seconded by Mr. P. Divakaran.

2) that the pro tem committee be elected as office bearers of newly formed ‘NEGERI SEMBILAN KERALA SAMAJAM”. The proposer for this resolution was Mr. M.M Nainan and seconded by Mr. N.J. Nair.

On 6th November 1955, the Negeri Sembilan Kerala Samajam, held it’s first Annual General Meeting at No: 106, Birch Road, Seremban (Information Centre) and about 150 members were present, to receive and adopt the Annual Report including new resolutions for consolidating the Rules & Regulations of the Samajam’s Constitution.

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