Kuantan Malayalee Samajam (KMS)

Kuantan Malayalee Samajam began as a vision in the fertile minds of a few Malayalees who were the permanent residents of Kuantan in the late sixties, when they met on and off, socially during cultural occasions, specifically during ‘Onam” celebration.This vision metamorphosed into a mission and the formation of the Kuantan Malayalee Samajam was realized.

The late Sreeman K.Sethu initiated the first step to the idea of forming Kuantan Malayalee Samajam and a meeting of Kuantan Malayalees to form the samajam was held at Sultan Abdullah School, Kuantan on the 1st of July 1979. Sreeman K.Sethu was unanimously elected as the Pro-team chairman at that time.

The Samajam was officially registered on 21st October 1980 and the late Sreeman K.Sethu was the first President of the Samajam.


Keasevan Nair
Keasevan NairPresident
Satya Bhama Veloo Nair
Satya Bhama Veloo NairLadies Chairperson
A.ThevanthiranCommittee Member
Chandran Velayutham
Chandran VelayuthamVice President
Suveen Baskaran Nair
Suveen Baskaran NairYouth Chairperson
Sugumaran Velayutham
Sugumaran VelayuthamCommittee Member
Ravi Gopal
Ravi GopalCommittee Member
Sudesh Kumar
Sudesh KumarHon. Gen. Secretary
Thamotharan Sri Raman
Thamotharan Sri RamanHon. Gen Treasurer
RamakrishnanCommittee Member
Heera Sudesh
Heera SudeshCommittee Member
Achuthan Nair
Achuthan NairAsst. Hon. Gen. Secretary
Sathiamoorthy Sri Raman
Sathiamoorthy Sri RamanCommittee Member
Padmavathi Padmanathan PJK
Padmavathi Padmanathan PJKCommittee Member
B-9758, First Floor , Jalan Haji Ahmad, 25300, Kuantan.


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